Work With Me

Thanks for your interest in working with me here at Looks Like Books.

I’m on a mission to make readers out of non-readers and bigger readers out of readers.

Here at Looks Like Books, I do my best to highlight new upcoming book releases, as well as books that I feel are worthwhile that may have been around for awhile.

In addition to posting book lists and reviews of all gadgets even remotely related to reading and books, I also post my version of book reviews in Read, ReRead or Reject.

You can find out more about Looks Like Books and me personally here.

How We Can Work Together

Sponsored Blog Posts

If you have a book, other product, or some type of service that you believe would be perfect for my audience, then a Sponsored Blog Post may be perfect for your product and/or service. Along with each sponsored post that you purchase, you will get a full blog post highlighting your product and/or service and one nofollow link. In addition to that, I will promote it on my social media channels and to my newsletter list.

Sponsored Social Media Posts

I will promote your product and/or service on my social media channels. Specific promotion plan to be decided upon at time of contracting.

Guest Posts

Got ideas for a post on my site? Be a guest blogger at Looks Like Books.

Contributing Writer

I would love to be a contributing writer for your site. I am a freelance writer for hire and currently provide regular content for a variety of blogs and niches including travel, affiliate marketing, and entrepreneurship.

If you are interested in working with me, please send an email to and add the service you’re interested in into the subject line. We can then have a further conversation about what it is you want and I can send you my full media kit with pricing.

PR Samples, Review Copies & ARC’s

You are more than welcome to request that I review your book. I read a variety of genres and am always looking for new books to read and highlight on my blog.

If you’re interested in sending me PR samples, review copies, or ARC’s, please send an email to to request the best mailing or delivery address for sending those items to me, and please note that sending me a sample does not automatically guarantee that I will review your book. Please understand that my To-Be-Read stack is beyond overflowing, but I am always on the lookout for new, upcoming authors and books and welcome the chance to read and highlight your book if it fits in with my interests and my existing review schedule.

Media Kit

Email me at to request my current media kit. I love forming new collaborations and look forward to hearing from you.