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Judith Krantz Books – All 11 In Order

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If you like a little spice and pizzazz in your romance novels, then one or more of the Judith Krantz books may be right up your alley.

Judith Krantz was the undisputed trailblazing queen of trashy romance novels.

After all, her first book made publishing history for a reason that’s perhaps not discussed too often. And the readers of that first book (and maybe some of her subsequent novels), may not have wanted to admit that their book purchase contributed to the smash success of the book.

judith krantz books

Who Is Judith Krantz?

Judith Krantz was an American author who wrote mostly epic, long romance books.

The name Judith Krantz is actually a pseudonym for Judith Tarcher who was born in New York in 1928.

Before turning to fiction writing, Judith was a magazine writer and fashion editor. These earlier careers paved the way for writing the romance books that she later wrote because fashion features heavily in all of her novels.

Her first novel, Scruples, was published in 1978 and was an instant smash success, quickly became a New York Times bestseller and literally made publishing history as a widely popular trashy smut novel.

That first book was so popular it became an international bestseller and was translated into over 50 languages.

The “Scruples” of the novel is a swanky store on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, CA, and the book follows the glamorous and affluent lives of the rich and famous who live and shop there.

Judith Krantz Books – Scruples Series

Scruples was Judith Krantz’s first novel published in 1978.

This eventually became a three-book series. It’s best to read them in the chronological order listed here. Scruples is an excellent example of one of the best escapist trashy novels of the 70s, and honestly, the two sequels along with the standalone novels by Judith Krantz were just as good.

Scruples was made into a television mini-series that aired on CBS in 1980 and starred Lindsey Wagner.

  • Scruples – 1978
  • Scruples Two – 1984
  • Lovers – 1994

Judith Krantz Books – Standalones

In addition to the smash hit Scruples and its sequels, Judith Krantz wrote seven standalone novels.

  • Princess Daisy – 1980
  • Mistral’s Daughter – 1982
  • I’ll Take Manhattan – 1986
  • Till We Meet Again – 1988
  • Dazzle – 1990
  • Spring Collection – 1996
  • The Jewels of Tessa Kent – 1998

The above standalone books can be read in any order. They don’t need to be read in the order listed.

Judith Krantz Books – Non-Fiction

Judith Krantz wrote one non-fiction book.

This is an autobiography, and Judith tells her own memorable story. As a fan of Judith’s trashy novels, I found this to be a fascinating read and can see where she got some of her ideas from! The characters in her books lived a fascinating life in many ways, and it’s clear that Judith Krantz lived a fascinating life as well.

  • Sex and Shopping

Is Judith Krantz Still Writing?

Sadly, she is not.

Judith Krantz passed away in 2019 at the age of 91.

Judith Krantz Books – Conclusion

Judith Krantz was certainly a trailblazer when it came to defining a certain genre.

With her smash book success Scruples in 1978, she created something that romance readers were hungry for.

If you love some epic fun and trashy romance books, Judith Krantz is a great place to start.

But, there are so, so many different types of romance books out there. You might find a new romance sub-genre that appeals to you here in our guide. Check that out and see what else appeals to you.

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