Kristin Hannah Books In Order (a Complete List)

By: Mary Emmer

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If you’re looking for Kristin Hannah books in order, it probably means you’re already a huge Kristin Hannah fan and want to make sure that you read every single one.

Kristin Hannah is an award-winning American novelist and the author of 24 books to date, many of which have become bestsellers.

Her most recent book, “The Four Winds”, just won Book of the Month’s 2021 Best Book of the Year award.

Here’s a complete list of all of her books.

Kristin Hannah Books In Order of Publication

Kristin Hannah books in order

Kristin Hannah Standalone Books In Order

  • A Handful of Heaven – 1991
  • The Enchantment – 1992
  • Once in Every Life – 1992
  • If You Believe – 1993
  • When Lightning Strikes – 1994
  • Waiting for the Moon – 1995
  • Home Again – 1996
  • On Mystic Lake – 1999
  • Angel Falls – 2000
  • Summer Island – 2001
  • Distant Shores – 2002
  • Between Sisters – 2003
  • The Things We Do for Love – 2004
  • Comfort and Joy – 2005
  • Magic Hour – 2006
  • True Colors – 2009
  • Winter Garden – 2010
  • Night Road – 2011
  • Home Front – 2012
  • the Nightingale – 2015
  • The Great Alone – 2018
  • The Four Winds – 2021

Kristin Hannah Firefly Lane Books In Order

  • Firefly Lane – 2008
  • Fly Away – 2013


You can see all of these books here on the Kristin Hannah Amazon author page.

What Order Should I Read the Kristin Hannah Books?

Most of the books written to date by Kristin Hannah are standalone novels and you can read them in any order. It’s not necessary that you read them in order of publication.

The exception to that, however, is the Firefly Lane series. There are only two books in that series and since Fly Away is a sequel to Firefly Lane, they should be read in order of publication if at all possible.

What Genre Is Kristin Hannah Best Known For?

Kristin Hannah is best known for writing both historical and contemporary fiction with strong female characters.

Common themes that you’ll find featured in many Kristin Hannah books are survival, heartbreak, betrayal, wars, love, and compassion, many of which are experienced by those strong female characters that are featured in her books.

Interesting Facts About Kristin Hannah

  1.  She was supposed to be a lawyer but accidentally became a writer instead.  She started out with a Communications Degree, then got a job at an advertising agency.  When she found that she didn’t care for that very much, she got a law degree and practiced law until she was expecting her first child.  It was then that she turned to a writing career.
  2.  She writes her books longhand.

Have Any Kristin Hannah Books Been Made Into Movies

Kristin Hannah’s novel Firefly Lane published in 2008 has been adapted into a Netflix series of the same name starring Sarah Chalke and Katherine Heigl.

And coming in 2022, another adaptation of her work is being made into a motion picture with the film adaptation of The Nightingale starring sisters Elle and Dakota Fanning.

I hope you found everything you were looking for on this list of Kristin Hannah books in order. There is so much great reading material here if you’re a Kristin Hannah fan, and then there is the Netflix series and the movie coming in 2022!

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