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Lee Child Books In Order [Complete List]

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Here’s a complete list of the Lee Child books in order for anyone that is a fan of Lee Child, especially his Jack Reacher series.

But, before we even get to the list, did you know that the name Lee Child is actually a pen name? It’s interesting how many authors use pen names. Many more than I realized.

If you like a good thriller, Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series might be just what you’re looking for. But, who is Lee Child? And exactly who is Jack Reacher?

Lee Child Books In Order

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Before we get to that list of books, let me give you a little background on Lee Child, just in case you’re not already familiar with this author.

Lee Child is a pen name for author James Dover Grant (CBE), a British author of mysteries and thrillers. He is an award-winning author and is best known for his Jack Reacher thriller series.

The first book in the Jack Reacher series was published in 1997 and has grown to be quite a long series since then.

Almost all of Lee Child’s books involve his character Jack Reacher who is a retired military investigator who now spends his time wandering around the U.S. solving crimes, and just generally taking down all the bad guys he can find. Although most of Lee’s books are Jack Reacher novels, he has also contributed to a number of anthologies as well as written some short stories involving more of Jack Reacher!

Starting in 2020, Lee Child started co-authoring the Jack Reacher books with his brother Andrew Grant, who is using the pen name Andrew Child on those books.

Lee Child Books In Order – Jack Reacher Series

There are already a lot of books in this series, so hopefully, this list will help you stay on track if you plan to read the entire Jack Reacher series.

And, if this list of full-length Jack Reacher novels isn’t enough to keep you busy, Lee Child has told some of Jack’s story in a number of short stories. I’ve listed those below!

Lee Child Books In Order – Standalones

Lee Child Books In Order – Short Stories

The first book listed here – No Middle Name – is a collection of Jack Reacher short stories that Lee Child put together in 2017. It includes a number of books that you’ll see on other Lee Child short story lists such as Too Much Time, Second Son, Small Wars, Not A Drill, High Heat, Deep Down, and others. You cannot purchase most of these short stories separately any longer. Instead, they are all included in the book No Middle Name.

Lee Child Books In Order – Non-Fiction

Lee Child Books In Order – Anthologies

Do You Have To Read Lee Child’s Books In Order?

The books in the Jack Reacher series can technically stand on their own so you could read them in any order.

I’m a fan of reading them in order of publication, just because! So, if you prefer to have some structure to your reading, then use my list and read them in order.

Books To Read If You Love Lee Child’s Jack Reacher Series

If you already love Jack Reacher and are looking for some similar authors and books, you might want to try one of these:

Lee Child Books In Order – Conclusion

If you’re a die-hard Jack Reacher fan, you’ll know that this series has kept many readers (probably including you) in gripping-thriller heaven for a good long number of years. Actually, for about 25 years to be exact. That’s a long time to follow one character.

The fact is, Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series offer edge-of-your-seat entertainment and keep you turning those pages fast!

And, some of the Jack Reacher books have been adapted into films and a TV series, so you can also catch something of Jack on the big screen if you wish.

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